Famous Persons with Disabilities;

Famous Persons with Disabilities; A - E

DA VINCI Leonardo, 1452-1519, (dyslexia) (epilepsy),
One of the greatest painters and most versatile geniuses in history. He was one of the key figures of the Renaissance era. He was trained as a painter but he had other interests that he dealt with over the years. Many of his inventions and scientific ideas were centuries ahead of his time.

DICKENS Charles, 1812-1870, (mental disorder) (epilepsy),
British author who suffered from clinical depression. Also known for writing A Christmas Carol which depicted a disabled child Tiny Tim.

MICHAELANGELO, 1475-1564, (mental disorder) (epilepsy),
One of the world’s greatest artists. He suffered with mental illness. After 1546 he devoted much of his time to architecture and poetry. Pope Paul III appointed him supervising architect of St. Peter’s Basilica which was one of Pope Julius II’s unfinished projects.

MOHAMMED [Mahomet Muhammad],570-632, (epilepsy),
Arab prophet and founder of Islam, 1622. Prophet of Allah. Wrote The Koran. Considered by most Muslims to have been sinless.

NEWTON Sir Issac, 1646-1727, (epilepsy),
He left college (Trinity College) in Cambridge from 1665-1666 due to the bubonic plague. During this time he developed calculus, the law of universal gravitation, the binomial theorem and discovered the composite nature of white light. Newton was a shy and sickly boy and remained shy as an adult. He went to great lengths to avoid controversy.

NOBEL Alfred, 1833-1896, (epilepsy),
Swedish Chemist, Engineer and Inventor of Dynamite. Philanthropist left $9.2 million for annual Nobel Prizes first awarded 1901. He established the Nobel Prizes.

PYTHAGORAS,582BC-507BC, (epilepsy),
The Samian Sage. Greek philosopher and mathematician discovered principles of musical pitch. Was famous for formulating the Pythagorean Theorem which states that the square of he hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.

SOCRATES,470?-399BC, (epilepsy),
Greek Philosopher and teacher. Viewed philosophy as necessary pursuit of all intelligent men, teacher of Plato. Was one of the most original, influential and controversial figures in ancient Greet philosophy and in the history of western thought.

TCHAIKOVSKY Peter Ilyich, 1840-1893, (epilepsy),
First Russian composer whose music became part of the standard concert program in Western Europe. Known for classical ballet scores Swan Lake 1877. Nutcracker Suite l892, Sleeping Beauty 1889.

VAN GOGH Vincent, 1853-1890, (mental disorder)(epilepsy),
Celebrated artist who had bipolar depression. Post-impressionist did not receive recognition for his genius until after his death.