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This list was posted at the Asia Parent List some time back. I know the school holidays are over, but there are always weekends to bring the kids to visit some farms and see some animals, and also buy some fresh farm produce to cook dinner :)

1) Hay Dairies

goat.JPGTel: 67920931
Add: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4
Open: 9-4pm daily
Milking time: Between 9-10am

Purchase healthful fresh goat's milk – it comes in plain or chocolate flavours – or pet the 200-odd goats and kids. Milking demo are on between 9am and 10am at half-hour intervals. Tours can be arranged at $3/person, including a free bottle of mild and a souvenir.

2) Dairy Technology Singapore Pte Ltd

Tel: 67937769
Add: 8 Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A
Open: 10-5pm daily

See the daily operations of a dairy farm and feed the adorable calves. The tour includes a visit to a milking parlour. While commercial milking is done mechanically, you can ask to try hand milking. The 45-mins tour costs $3/person and includes a free bottle of milk. Call to book the tour 2 weeks in advance.

3) Nippon Koi Farm

koi.jpgTel: 67631882
Add: 45 Jalan Lekar
Open: 9-7pm daily

A must for koi-lovers. These ornamental fishes are regarded as "fengshui" fishes' supposedly able to bring good fortune to their owners. Nippon Koi Farm is where u can see and purchase award- winning Japanese carp or koi. Free entry for all and kids get to feed the koi for free too. The farm also runs a koi hotel and has a Luohan pavilion for viewing.

4) Farmart Centre

vegefarm_home.jpgTel: 67670070 / 67640328
Add: 67 Sungei Tengah Rd
Open: Food Outlets (10-10pm fm Mon to Sat), (9-10pm on Sun & PH)
Retail Outlets (10-8pm fm Mon to Sat), (9-8pm on Sun & PH)
Guided Tour Price:
External Farms $12/person. I
Indoor Farms $4/person

Farms, and all under one roof! A one-stop farm estate selling and displaying almost everything agriculture fm vege, herbs & spices, birds' nest, seafood, ornamental fish, poultry and eggs, lotuses and orchids and even puppies, as well as Singapore's only bee farm. Leave the kids to enjoy doing arts and crafts at a play corner with a playground or the animal corner where they can feed the Himalayan goats and fish for guppies. Catch yourselves some prawns at the prawn pond and if u like, enjoy them straightaway at the barbecue pits on site. Purchase some croc or ostrich meat if u have the stomach for exotic food, or regular fare at the café or seafood restaurant. Hop onto a free shuttle service from Choa Chu Kang Interchange (redeem the shuttle fee of 50 cents against purchases at the centre).

5) Qian Hu Fish Farm

qianhu3.jpgTel: 67667087
Add: 71 Jalan Lekar
Open: 9-6pm (Mon-Thu), 9-7pm (Fri-Sun and PH)
Guided Tour w/Souvenir
Adult: $2.50 Child: $1.50
Guided Tour w/ Souvenir & Longkang Fishing
Adult: $7.50 Child: $5.50

The farm's specialty is the dragon-fish (arowana). Go and see for yourself a fully-grown one can fetch a whopping $50,000. Kids will spend ages in a special feeding corner. For $5, you can try longkang fishing, feed the koi, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and geese. A wishing pond is home to a family of tortoises. Guided tours for a min. of 30 pax must be arranged a week in advance. Free shuttle svc runs to and fm Choa Chu Kang MRT.

6) Jurong Crocodile & Reptile Paradise

Tel: 62618866
Add: 241 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim
Open: 9-6pm daily
Fees: Adult ($7) Child-below 12 yrs ($3.50)

Jus opp the Jurong Bird Park. Get up close and personal with 3000
of different species of reptiles in shows, photo-taking and feeding
sessions. With regular crocodile shows throughout the day and an
underwater observation gallery, you can observe these creatures.
The Cavern of Darkness allows u to watch the crocs in a simulated
Asian tropical jungle complete with life-like sounds in the creepy
shadows of the night.

7) Jurong Frog Farm

frogfarm3.gifTel: 67917229
Add 56 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6
Open: 7-6pm daily

This is the only frog-breeding farm in S'pore. They rear American ullfrogs believed to have medical value. You can book a guided tour a week in advance, although walk-ins are also welcome. For $3.50, u'll receive a half-hour tour of the farm, even to the culling station if u request for it. Tour includes a free bottle of their own Essence of Bullfrog with ginseng and cordyceps. Visitors can purchase packed frogs at $10 per 500gm.

8) Aero-Green Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Tel: 67924298 / 68619286
Add 115 Neo Tiew Crescent
Open: 9-6pm daily

Buy the freshest veg at cheaper prices. This farm produces abt 500kg of aeroponic veg every day – Bak Choy, Choy Sum and Kai Lan, as well as butterhead lettuce, cherry tomatoes, herbs, fruit and more. The farm sometimes conducts workshops and cooking classes – call to check on schedules. Conducted tours which include comprehensive educational coverage on the plants grown on the farm are avail. For groups of at least 20 and can be arranged at $6/person.. Book at least 2 wks in advance.

9) Seng Choon Egg Farm Pte Ltd

Tel: 67922858
Add 109 Sungei Tengah Road
Open: 8-5pm (Mon-Fri), 8-12pm (Sat)

This modern egg farm has abt 500,000 chickens and can produce up to 250,000 fresh eggs daily. It is completely high tech – everything from feeding the chickens to collecting the eggs is automated and computerized. Free visits need to be booked in advance with a min. of 30 persons per grp. At press time, farm was temporarily close to public.

10) Lian Wah Hang Quail Farm

quail.jpgTel: 67921366
Add 5 Lim Chu Kang Lane 6F
Open: 10-4pm (Mon to Sat), 11-4 (Sun)

See quails, partridges, geese, guinea fowl, pigeons and cassowary. Owner and host William Ho is a friendly guy who will tell u all abt his animals and the quail egg production process. Hard-boiled quail eggs are complimentary at the end of each tour between Mon and Sat. Sun tours include a `happy hour' between 11-3pm. Buy fresh quail eggs at farm prices. At press time, the farm was temporarily shut, but you can stil meet William for his entertaining bird talk every weekend at Farmart Centre new Farmers' Market. See Farmart Centre.

(list compiled by Magdalene)

11) Poison Ivy and Bollywood Vege (further down the road)

Tel : 6898 5001
Add : 100 Neo Tiew Rd Singapore 719026

S$2 / person entry into farm
Arrive at about 11am to "chope" seats and then walk around the farm with
kids as lunch crowd drifts in at noon at Posion Ivy.

Bollywood Vege is nearby. It's an organic vegetable farm with lots of trees and plants.

12)Petals & Leaves

Tel : 6793 8878
Add: 240, Neo Tiew Crescent.

It's under the Nyee Phoe Group, serving Nonya food. Look for Edwin Pereira to make reservations. Make reservations as they do run out of food.

Please call up the relevant farm and check the opening hours if you do plan to visit. Information posted here might not be accurate due to fatigue or typo errors, and no. 11 and 12 are from hearysay

I have only visited the Farmart. Perhaps it was a slow weekday, it was almost empty except for us and the shop owners. I like the concept of a farmart, but it seems unable to attract locals. Maybe we are too comfortable with our super markets, and the variety of farm products we can find there is limited too. Well, it is better to visit farmart during the weekend for more action, especially if you plan to get some farm produce.
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There is a really nice farm at Seletar way called the Animal Resort. The children gets to feed various animals like chickens, ducks, rabbits, fish and even a horse! My eldest dotter, Alyssa enjoyed the trip so much that she always remember feeding the horse even though she went there at 2+ yrs old . We should organise a trip there one day, the little ones will be thrilled :)