Human Traits

Human Traits

Human Traits: autosomal

1. Shape of face (probably polygenic)

Oval dominant, square recessive

2. Cleft in chin

No cleft dominant, cleft recessive

3. Hair curl (probably polygenic)
Assume incomplete dominance

Curly: homozygous
Wavy: heterozygous
Straight: homozygous

4. Hairline

Widow peak dominant, straight hairline recessive

5. Eyebrow size

Broad dominant, slender recessive

6. Eyebrow shape

Separated dominant, joined recessive

7. Eyelash length

Long dominant, short recessive

8. Dimples

Dimples dominant, no dimples recessive

9. Earlobes

Free lobe dominant, attached recessive

10. Eye shape

Almond dominant, round recessive

11. Freckles

Freckles dominant, no freckles recessive

12. Tongue rolling

Roller dominant, nonroller recessive

13. Tongue folding

Inability dominant, ability recessive

14. Finger mid-digital hair

Hair dominant, no hair recessive

15. Hitch-hiker's thumb

Straight thumb dominant, hitch-hiker thumb

16. Bent little finger

Bent dominant, straight recessive

17. Interlaced fingers

Left thumb over right dominant, right over left recessive

18. Hair on back of hand

Hair dominant, no hair recessive

19. Tendons of Palmar Muscle

Two tendons dominant, three tendons recessive